Winter home decor: 5 easy DIY home decor ideas to welcome winter into your home!




Lately you must have felt a little chill in the air and it must have remided you of your winter vacation in a hilly destination like Shimla. The fireplace, snow covered landscape, the warmth of your quilt, everything must be still fresh in your mind. And if you are from Mumbai, you must be missing such winter destinations terribly. Although winter in Mumbai is not exactly cold but that should not stop you from enjoying this pleasant season. Add the warmth you felt in that cute little cottage in Shimla or Manali to your home by making few small changes. These DIY home decor ideas will help you to welcome winter into your home. Also Read – DIY Pedicure: Get Healthy And Happy Feet at Home During The Lockdown

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Create that wintery look with sparkling branches. All you need is few dead branches, glitter (silver, gold or rose gold any colour would do), paint brush, silver spray paint and glue. Firstly, prune your branches to desired shape. Now coat the entire branch with the silver spray paint. Let it dry.  Use a paint brush to apply glue on the branch and then sprinkle the glitter on the branch. Make sure you completely cover the branch with the glitter. For this last step, place a newspaper or cookie sheet under the branch so that you can reuse the excess glitter that falls on the sheet. You can place these sparkling branches in wine bottles or vase.

2. Candles with Cinnamon sticks

cinnamon candle

The winter look is incomplete without candles. This DIY will let you make your own aromatic candle using cinnamon sticks. These cinnamon stick candles are not just beautiful but also smell great. You will require candles (big ones), cinnamon sticks, a rubber band and twine. Take the rubber band and place it on the candle. Now, slowly slide in the cinnamon sticks under the rubber band. Place the cinnamon all around the candle without leaving a gap. Now cover the rubber band by winding the twine on top of it. You can tie of the end of the twine and add a cute little bow to this cinnamon candle. Light the candle and immerse yourself in winter scent of cinnamon.

3. Sparkling star wall hanging

star hanging

This is another sparkling addition to your house. For sparkling star wall hanging you will need a twig around 15 inches long, white spray paint, cardboard or thermacol, white thread, sparkles and glue. Cut out 10 to 15 cardboard/thermacol stars. Poke a small hole through each star. Take the twig and paint it white using spray paint. Now cut the thread into 10 to 15 pieces depending on the number of star cut outs you have. The thread should be of varying lengths. Pass the thread through the hole of the star cut out and secure it with double knot. Tie this to the twig. Do the same with all the cutouts. Hang this twig on the wall to give your home a pristine look.

4. Glittery mason jar

glitter mason jar

For this beautiful DIY project you will need mason jars, glitters, paint brush and glue. Clean the jars and apply glue on its outer side. Sprinkle your glitters on top of the jar to completely cover it. Allow it to dry and you are done. Place a candle inside your glittery mason jar to complete the look.

5. Snowflakes


This requires a little more patience and hard work. Make several snowflakes with paper and just hang them using thread or paste it on your door. This will make your home winter ready. You can search for unique snowflake designs to make your snowflake hanging more beautiful. (Picture credit: Pinterest)