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Wedding styles run the gamut from modern to traditional to our very favorite: the earthy and ethereal boho. Think whimsical flowers, woodsy decor, and a creative edge from aisle to style. Not just a summer trend, boho is perfect year-round. That’s why we were so excited to team up with All Who Wander to share their collection of 17 gorgeous wedding dresses designed for the modern-day bohemian (AKA us in a nutshell).

We love a little free spirit vibe mixed in with our wedding bliss — something new, something blue, and something totally unique. Here’s a peek with four All Who Wander dresses styled for every season, because finding your perfect dress is the next best thing to finding your favorite person, right? Congrats btw!


It takes a bold woman to book a winter wedding but the benefits are pretty amazing: more venue options, cheaper rates, no humidity, and stunning winter scenery, to name a few. The voluminous Joey gown has these 3D floral elements that almost float down the tulle like snow.

Check out the crosshatch on the tulle — so pretty!

For that wintery vibe (really this dress goes with any season) we paired it with a faux fur shawl and a bouquet with wintery waxflower, matthiola, and pine cones.

Makeup artist Stephanie Cardenas went bold with darker lips in cool tones. “We tend to have less color in our skin in winter months,” says Cardenas. “Lips are the real showcase here so deep cheek contour and matte makeup are a great contrast. A nice highlight on the cheekbone can go a long way,” she adds.


Spring weddings are all about the blooms, from head to table. The floral and sheer lace panels throughout the Skye gown’s skirt gives it beautiful drape and an airy feel for warmer days.

It was also so comfortable to wear. The built-in cups in the bodice gave it really nice shape without having to worry about what bra to wear.

For makeup, Cardenas went with a fun, bright lip (go for matte to keep it from straying from your lip) and loose boho waves for hair. Oh and that flower crown? Made from a $5 bouquet!

Here’s a simple how-to for the crown.

You’ll need:

  • paddle wire
  • floral stem wire
  • wire cutters
  • floral shears
  • two bouquets of your choice
  1. Measure paddle wire around your head, leaving 2 or 3 inches for closure.
  2. Clip with wire cutters and twist ends together to close.
  3. Trim 3-inch stems of blooms.
  4. Use floral stem wire to wrap each stem around the crown.
  5. Wear and feel like a bridal queen!


Midsummer Night’s Dream theme, anyone? Really, who can resist a woodsy backdrop against bright flowers and a dreamy dress? Yes, please! We paired the modern simplicity of the Emery gown with a simple baby’s breath crown (so easy to make) and a colorful bouquet of ranunculus, calla lilies, mums, and snapdragons. Yellow shoes topped off the look!

The Emery gown’s plunging neckline and keyhole back adds a dash of sexy without having to go sleeveless if that’s not your thing. And the lace bodice adds really nice character on the minimal gown. A beach wedding would be sweet for this one too!


The Harlo gown was a favorite at the B + C office. Fringe and soft sequins give it beautiful texture and sheen but also a really fun edgy vibe. With a dress like this you can really play. We paired it with a fun rancher hat and beautiful orange sunflowers.

And look at how it swings!

Here’s a close-up of the Harlo’s lace detail, swoon

So what do you think? Have a better idea of what you’ll want to wear down the aisle? All Who Wander has many more designs (find a retailer near you here) for the adventurous bride, no matter what kind of wedding you’re planning any time of year. Makes us want to do it all over again!

Author + Creative Direction: Theresa Gonzalez

Photographer: Kurt Andre

Stylist: Kayla Haykin

Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Cardenas

Models: Irina (Winter), Lauren (Spring), Anala (Summer), Malia (Fall)

B+C Studios in partnership with All Who Wander