These DIY Home Decor Solutions Grew in Popularity During COVID-19




This year’s COVID-19 lockdowns made a lot of people start looking into creative ways to keep occupied. Whether it’s learning a new skill, catching up on reading, or taking up a DIY home decor project, anything was better than staying at home 24/7 just staring at the walls. Now that we think about it, maybe it was all the wall staring that made 3D wall panels and ceiling tiles see a massive demand during COVID-19, and they have been growing in popularity ever since. Here’s why these affordable solutions are so popular today:

3D Wall Panels Bring Depth to Your Walls

The main reason why 3D wall panels are the go-to choice for DIY home decor is because they offer so many designs and patterns. If your walls look bland and lifeless, then this easy solution is just the right choice for you. Simply pick a wall, pick your pattern, take the measurements and you’re ready to transform your walls in a few simple steps. The only tools you’ll need is glue and a good utility knife to cut the panels.

The best thing about wall panels is the numerous design options that they offer. You can opt for some geometric lines or unusual shapes for a modern look, or you can choose faux leather tiles for a more luxurious touch. In addition to the numerous patterns available, 3D wall panels can also be painted to the colour of your choice.

Ceiling Tiles Offer Great Designs at Low Costs

When it comes to ceiling tiles, the customization options are as equally diverse as with 3D wall panels, maybe even more! Ceiling tiles can be used to cover up an entire ceiling, create an accent wall, or simply displayed as a wall accessory. This decorative solution also offers multiple patterns and styles, from antique and classic to modern and luxurious.

When it comes to types of ceiling tiles you can install, there are two major groups: faux tin ceiling tiles and styrofoam ceiling tiles. Both types can be further customized and painted over, and you can actually use them to cover up damage on your ceiling. In fact, styrofoam ceiling tiles can be installed over popcorn ceilings to cover up that outdated popcorn without making a mess. Installation is also extremely easy.

All in all, ceiling tiles and wall panels are a great, cost effective solution to decorate your walls and ceilings without overspending. We don’t know how much COVID-19 is going to last, or if we’ll have to go back into full lockdown mode again. But if we do, at least some of us will be able to stay entertained by staring at their beautiful ceilings and enjoy their newly decorated space.