Room decor: Easy DIY ideas to make corners at home look good




If you often find yourself drooling over images of beautifully redecorated rooms or reading decorating magazines, chances are that you are dealing with this syndrome called, “home inferiority complex”. This condition does not harm any of us. It is pretty good if you feel that you need to rejuvenate your room decors and create a blissful environment for yourself. While doing this, if you realize that you cannot afford massive makeover on your modest personal budget, feelings of inadequacy set in. There are plenty of ways to transform a room from top to bottom spending merely hundreds instead of thousands of dollars. Jump into some simple and easily accessible DIY room décor ideas.

Start with basic fairy lights

Fairy lights are a must not only for kids but every age group who has dreamed of doing up their own room. Visit a nearby market or order it online immediately. Needless to say, your room will look more bright and beautiful. You can strike the lights over your bed, on the window panes and even around the mirror. This is sure to give you peace and cheerful vibes all around.

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Pot some saplings and flowery plants

You can opt for another basic element of potting some plants with beautiful, colourful flowers on it. If you have a small balcony attached to your room, it is the cherry on the cake. You can use old, emptied bottles, add a mixture of mud and manure to it and fit stocks of overgrown plants around the colony on them. If you wish for a vegetable garden at home, growing some chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers and mint can be a great choice. This will not only look your balcony look colourful, but will also assure you healthy home-grown veggies.


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Bring those books out of the suitcase

All the books that have been lying around in your luggage for quite some time now, can be placed on top of the study or makeup desk. This would often remind you that you have not opened them since long. After all, reading is one of the healthiest habits to have.

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