Independence Day 2018 Craft: DIY tricolour dreamcatcher




Independence Day 2018, tricolour craft
Independence Day 2018: Make this tricolour dreamcatcher!

Happy Independence Day 2018: Get your kids to make this easy tricolour dreamcatcher in colours of India’s national flag!

By Vaishali Khandwala

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Today’s creation expresses my feelings on Independence Day. It’s a dreamcatcher that expresses the wish to keep negativity away from our motherland and brings peace. The tricolour dreamcatcher weaves the dreams of development, which we shall bring to reality with united efforts.

Here is a step-wise picture tutorial of the dreamcatcher that can be made with simple materials. You can make one or many on the occasion of Independence Day to decorate your home and school.

List of basic materials

  1. An old CD.
  2. Light blue chart paper.
  3. Threads—orange, green and dark blue.
  4. Feathers—orange, white and green, one each.
  5. Glue, scissors, marker.
  6. Beads and pearls to decorate.

Independence Day 2018, craft

Step 1

Take an old CD and clean it well with a dry cloth. Tape threads to it, as shown in the picture below, using cellotape. You can use a woollen thread, cotton thread or ribbon for this. The threads used are orange, dark blue and green. The blue thread is taped at the centre and is kept longer than the orange and green threads on either sides of it. The blue thread hangs approximately 6 inch from the end of CD.

Independence Day 2018, craft, tricolour

Step 2

Now cut two circles from a light blue chart paper. The diameter of the circles is the same as that of the CD. Paste the blue chart paper circles on the CD, using any good craft glue. Adhere the chart paper circles on both sides of the CD. This will hide the pasted threads and cover the shiny CD surface as well.

Independence Day 2018, craft, tricolour

Step 3

Draw lines on the blue chart paper circle, using a black or blue permanent marker as shown below. This creates the chakra of the Indian flag.

Independence Day 2018, craft, tricolour

Step 4

Now attach feathers at the end of each thread. You can either tie the feathers or glue them. I have inserted blue wooden beads into each thread before attaching the feathers to make it interesting.

Use feathers of India’s National Flag colours—orange, white and green. Adhere the orange feather to orange thread, white to the centre dark blue thread and green to the green thread. Have a look.

Independence Day 2018, craft, tricolour

Step 5

Decorate further, using self-adhesive pearls and attach a white ribbon at top for hanging the dream-catcher.

The tricolour dream-catcher is easy to make. You can recycle old CDs to make many and decorate the space with them on the occasion of Independence Day.

Independence Day 2018, craft, tricolour

Learning for children through this activity

All about Independence Day: Colours of India’s national flag and its significance.

Recycling ordinary objects, best out of waste exercise.

Knowing different shapes.

Exploring different materials and using them in a unique way.

Understanding and creating three-dimensional objects.

Involves basic crafting skills like cutting, pasting, tying, beading etc which improve gross motor skills.

Wishing everyone Happy Independence Day. Have fun crafting till we meet again. Create, express, enjoy!

(The writer is an architect, freelance crafter and founder of Craft Express. Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram @vaishali.craftexpress. She blogs at