Home decor: Festive DIY ideas to decorate your home this Diwali




Diwali is just a few days away, and preparations in almost every Indian household have started. One of India’s greatest festivals, the festival of lights, is not only about sweets and crackers. It also enhances family bonding and unleashes the creative force within you. Along with decorating your house with lamps, torans, and rangolis, brighten the aura of your home with some DIY home décor ideas this Diwali.

Here are some DIY hacks to light up your home this Diwali

1. Floating flowers and candles

Fill up your home with all kinds of home-made candles, or you can do minimal embellishments on the existing ones too. You can draw beautiful designs with henna (mehendi) on candles. Else, pick some seashells, give it a stroke of fabric paint and place a candle inside those shells. Fruit candles are another amazing diya idea to light up this Diwali. You just need fruit peels, maybe oranges, cut it creatively with zig-zag edges and place candles inside them.

2. Decorate your own puja thali

Designing your own puja thali is a great idea. Buy a plain thali in silver or golden shade. You can also take a wooden thali for decoration. Now, decorate this thali using shiny lace, pom poms, glitter, paper cutouts, mirrors, or pearl string. Instead of painting the thali, you can also cover it up with bandhani printed paper sheet.

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3. Handmade glass jar lanterns

You can involve your children or siblings in the decoration process. Glass jar lanterns are quite easy to make. You need a few reusable glass jars in which you can insert string lights. Grab hold some mason jars, fill them with fairy lights and hang them in the right place. You can place them outdoors to make your house look more lit up on Diwali.

4. Draw the mandana

Mandana is the art of painting on the wall and floor that originates from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that the mandana protects the home from evil. It also welcomes gods into the house and is known to mark celebrations of festivals. You can celebrate this Diwali in a more traditional way by painting the floor of your house with lord Ganesha or goddess Laxmi’s feet.


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