Five easy DIY projects to decorate your home




  • You do not necessarily have to spend a lot on your house’s decor to make it beautiful.

    In fact, a right balance of hard work and smart work can help you create your own home decor items.

    So, take out some time and bring out the artist in you.

    Here are some easy DIY home decor projects you can try.

  • #1

    Tree branch decor

    Tree branch decor

  • We see tree branches lying here and there every now and then.

    Choose an appealing one and bring it home. Cover it using fairy lights.

    Find a suitable spacious corner or hang it as an aesthetic decor piece in your living room.

    It is a great way to add that boho touch to your home decor plans.

  • #2

    Mirror decor

    Mirror decor

  • Mirrors can help bring out the illusion of larger spaces.

    So, go ahead and buy mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

    Paste a large mirror on a cardboard sheet. Cover it with a newspaper, coat the leftover area of the cardboard with glue, and then paste smaller mirrors and ropes on it.

    Lastly, paste it on one of your walls.

  • #3

    Family handprint collection

    Family handprint collection

  • This one can help add a personal touch to your home decor scheme.

    Take the same number of small canvases as there are total members in your family.

    Make all family members to paint their hands in acrylic paints and press it over the canvases.

    Once the paint dries, attach a ribbon to the canvases and hang them together on a wall.

  • #4

    Hanging plants

    Hanging plants

  • For this adorable DIY project, you will need artificial plants, mason jars, and 6×6 inches ply wood square pieces.

    Tie a rope below the rim of the mason jars and secure it with a strong adhesive.

    Then, using super strong glue, stick the jars firmly onto the ply boards, and hang them on the wall.

  • #5

    Glass bottle decor

    Glass bottle decor

  • Last but not the least, here’s another simple idea.

    For this project, you will need six glass bottles, rope threads, paints, and decorative flowers.

    Coat three bottles with adhesive glue.

    Then, start wrapping rope threads around them.

    Paint the rest of the three bottles with the colors of your choice, cut out letters and decorate just the way you like.

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