DIY Tassel Earrings — How to Make Tassel Earrings




Pajama pants and messy buns may have become two new staples in your office attire now that you’re working from home. But every now and then, you may want to jazz up your look, whether it’s for a Zoom meeting with your boss, a virtual birthday party, or just to lift your mood. One easy way to do that is to put on an statement accessory. But if nothing in your jewelry drawer is speaking to you these days, you can easily whip up a cute pair of DIY tassel earrings.

Thanks to this DIY tassel earring tutorial from Project Runway alum Amanda Perna, you will be set with some statement earrings that look good with your dress-up moments and your dress downs. (Hey, who says you can’t pair tassel earrings with sweatpants?)

So take a break and get in touch with your creative side by creating these stylish tie-dye tassel earrings. Who knows, this could be the start of your next side hustle.


Step 1: Gather Supplies


Step 2: Find the Center of Your Embroidery Thread

Your thread will likely come wrapped in a loop-like shape, so you will need to find the center. Once you find it, use both hands to firmly hold the loop at each end.


Step 3- Double Thread in Half

Loop the thread twice around your fingers, to make a smaller, thicker band.


Step 4: Cut and Loop

Cut a piece of thread and tie in a knot on top through the center loop.


Step 5: Cut the bottom loop in half

Cut the bottom of the loop in half, creating fringe.


Step 6:Create a Head

Create a head on your tassel by wrapping a colorful thread close to the end of one size of the tassel and tie a knot.


Step 7: Prevent Fraying

Cut off the extra head thread and add glue so it doesn’t fray.


Step 8: Add Hooks

Add an earring hook and repeat for other earring.


Step 9: Time to Tie-dye

After, follow instructions on your dye kit to mix dye. Shake well to prevent clumps of dye from settling in the bottle.


Step 10: Dip Dye

Pour dye in small cup and dip tassel as far as desired. Dunk a few times to allow color to fully permeate.


Step 11: Hang Dry and Rinse

Once dyed, let them hang to dry, then rinse with cool water to remove excess dye. Wear them to add an extra yay to your day!

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