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HOUSTON – If you enjoy making projects at home, know that just by using simple pieces of wood and copper you can create amazing décor elements that will upgrade your space and save you money.
Home décor blogger, Lauren Beaver from Hand Makes Home, stopped by our studio to share two great easy ideas to get you started.

To see the interview, watch the video above.


Plant stand

•    Wood saw (any kind)
•    Copper tube cutter- Brass craft 1/8” – 1.125” cut range
•    Multipurpose glue- gorilla glue
•    Sand paper or sanding sponge
•    Tape measure
•    Pencil
•    Paint and paint brush
•    Eye protection

•    (1) 6-foot wooden dowel – 6-feet long x 5/8” diameter
•    (1) ½” copper pipe piece ( Approx. 2 feet)
•    (8) ½” copper pipe tees
•    (8) ½” copper pipe caps
•    Paint or wood stain ( depends on your preferred design)

Choose the plant you’d like to use and measure the base. Add about a quarter to a half of an inch to that measurement so the plant will fit without having to squeeze in.
Cut four pieces of pipe 3/4″ long and four pieces 1 1/4″ so you will have a total of eight pieces. These will fit together with your copper tees to create the base. Once cut, sand the ends of your dowel pieces so the caps will fit smoothly on them.
Put the whole thing together to make sure the pieces fit and you have all your measurements correct. Then take it all apart and paint or stain your wooden pieces whichever color you choose. Once the wooden parts are completely dry, use your glue to put all the pieces together.
Once all the pieces are together, stand it up and use a level to make sure the legs are straight and the base is level. Allow it to dry for a few hours or however long the directions on your glue say.

Accent Wall- trim design

•    Miter wood saw
•    Nail gun, for trim, pneumatic or electric
•    Trim nails, 18 gauge
•    Tape measure
•    Straight edge or level
•    Pencil
•    Paint brush
•    Eye and hearing protection

•    ¾” wood lattice molding
•    Wood filler
•    Paint or wood stain

Frame out the entire wall, using the nail gun to attach the wood into studs. Piece by piece, measure out how long you need to make my pieces. Every cut can be at a 45-degree angle.  Draw lines to see whether you like the look of it or not before actually cutting/nailing the wood to the wall. Stain the wood before you attach it to the wall.


Provided by Lauren Beavers


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