DIY Home Decor: Black Ikea table gets an Annie Sloan makeover




Take a day off this weekend and create your own fancy geometric side table.

Evelyn Cimesa /

One of the more overlooked pieces of the furniture family is the side table. They sit peacefully next to your chesterfield and bed, and hold your beverages and even that turntable you play in the evenings, with Bowie’s Blackstar stashed nearby.

The tables in my cozy home are somewhat lacklustre: they’re cheap Ikea pieces from my college days and, while they definitely serve their purpose, they’re rather bland. Theliving room is filled with decor bearing pastel greens and colourful crocheted blankets, all brought together with black furniture and beautiful gray-mauve walls.

I needed something brighter with a simple pattern, preferably something that matched greens echoed throughout the room. And since I had some Chalk Paint™ decorative Paint by Annie Sloan on hand, buying something new was out of the question. Besides, this seemed like the perfect weekend for a little DIY fun.

Geometric Side Table

Repetitive patterns have a way of unifying a room, especially if they’re composed of clean lines or simple shapes like diamonds and triangles. They’re echoed in nature – it’s impossible to miss the honeycomb structures, the countless fractals and spheres. Contemporary design also favours geometry: we see it decorating vases and throw pillows, embedded in ceramic tiles and featured in pendant light fixtures.

The colour chosen for this project was intentionally bold: the room the table resides in is filled with muted greens, grays and blacks, and it needed a strong centrepiece to command attention. It’s the first thing my guests see when they enter the living room and is a great conversation piece.


  • Chalk Paint® in Antibes Green
  • 1 medium oval bristle brush
  • Clear wax
  • Black wax
  • Clean, dry, lint-free cloths
  • Painter’s tape