DIY Diwali lantern ideas to brighten up your home this festive season




Diwali is all about about the dazzling sky, glittering homes, and jolly faces. Before finally spending a gala time with family this festival, a lot of your efforts go into cleaning and decorating home. The process, though hectic, is zestful and brings out your creativity to the fullest. This Diwali, we have penned down some of the brilliant ideas to make lanterns at home using easily available stuff.

1. Funky paper lamps

Buy large chart papers with your choice of colours. Use a scale and a pair of the compass to draw different shapes. Cut out the shapes with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors and twist the sheet into cylindrical or conical shapes, and stick with glue. Stick bright coloured tissues paper discs or squares all around the paper lanterns. Do not forget to hand the holder inside the shape, before lighting it up for a bright evening.

2. It’s the time to disco!

There are many variations to the designs of lanterns including hornet’s nest lamps and disco balls. For a hornet’s lamp, cut equal pieces of papers into a rectangle. Roll them into cylindrical shapes and stick the edges. You can simply line a self-made lantern with glue and shimmer it up by sprinkling glitter all round to create your disco ball. It is par-tay time!

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3. Hula Hoops all the way

You can use metal rings and hula hoops for better use this Diwali. Well, yes they can be used as lamps. Start with wrapping string lights all around the hoop and place your personal London eye at the corner of a room. Furthermore, you may attach an extension cord and put bulbs inside globe shades in the garden area or at strategic points in drawing-room.

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4. Beer bottles to the rescue

Celebrations demand dancing and snacks. You can reuse empty liquor bottles rather than disposing of them in the trash. Place Christmas lights into the bottle and tie the string along the border, at the back. Now you have a lighting solution for every festival apart from Diwali. Thank us later. 

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5. Mason jar lanterns

Jars have become a trend lately. They are used for freak shakes and desserts, apart from décor. You can go all creative with colours and design on the outside of mason jars. Stick silk laces and ribbons around the jar till the neck. Bring out exquisiteness by placing candles into Epsom salt in the jar. Moreover, you can also paint it, or create frills with paper and laces to beautify it more. 

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