Decorate your child’s bedroom with these DIY Harry Potter ideas




The Harry Potter franchise has touched many hearts. It has been a major part of the childhood of many people. If you want the Harry Potter franchise to be a part of your child’s life as well, you can integrate some HP-inspired decor in your child’s room. It might be an encouragement to read the series or watch the movies.

Here are some great Harry Potter-inspired ideas for your child’s room

Winged keys

One great idea of decor inspired by the Harry Potter series is winged keys. These are in reference to the first book when Harry was faced with thousand winged keys and is supposed to select the correct one. All you need is a bunch of keys, threads, and tape. Just tie the thread to the key and stick the thread to your ceiling.

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Dobby-inspired sock holder

A very easy-to-make idea of Harry Potter decors is a Dobby sock-holder. You can take a plain wooden block and write the words “Save Dobby” on it. Then, using a hook and thread, connect the two bottom ends of the block. Using cloth hangers, you can hang your socks on this hanger.

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Quote frames

The easiest way of integrating Harry Potter in your décor is to take printouts of some quotes from the series and frame them. Hang these frames around the room so that your child can read them and get inspired by them. A great quote that you can use is:

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

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Light switch ideas

This idea is so easy that you can just do it without taking any trouble. Just pick a permanent marker and jazz up your switchboards. Write the word Lumos and Nox above and below the switches.

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Make fake potion bottles

This is a nice DIY idea for home décor. Collect some old glass bottles and clean them. Then add some fake labels on the bottles in reference to the Harry Potter series. Potions like ‘Veritaserum,’ ‘Amortentia,’ and ‘Felix Felicis’ should do the trick.

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