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Updated: December 23, 2019 12:02:56 pm

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By Kuhoo Gupta

Best Christmas Crafts For Kids: The countdown to Christmas has begun! If your holiday-meter has been running low, then we have got you covered. Imaginative and creative DIY is a more natural way to bring in the Christmas spirit within your children, light the joy of discovery and finding the true essence of the festival.

1. Positivity Jar

christmas diy crafts for kids Pine positive

You need: A glass jar, pine cones, fabric colours, rock salt, seed pods (optional), dried twigs, star anise spice.

Process: Paint red, green and white on pine cones and its broken pieces to signify Christmas colours. Fill the glass jar by layering rock salt, pine cone pieces, twigs, seed pods, star anise, etc. Rock salt absorbs negativity from the surroundings and other elements are also very positive in nature and have a warm wintry feel. This jar makes a great decor item on the center-table during Christmas.

2. Cinnamon Candle Holder

christmas diy crafts for kids Cinnamon candle holder

You need: Cinnamon sticks, tea-light candle, a glass tea-light candle-holder, glue gun, jute thread.

Process: Break cinnamon sticks as per the size of your glass tea-light candle-holder. Stick them on the outside of the holder near each other, using a glue gun. Tie a jute thread around the holder to accessorise it. Put the tea-light candle inside it and light it up. After a while, it gives a beautiful aroma of cinnamon and creates a warm ambiance.

3. Crystal Candle

christmas diy crafts for kids Crystal candle

You need: Crystals in small size or in chips form, a tall candle, glass jar.

Process: Layer the crystals as per their colour to look aesthetically nice and arrange a candle in the glass jar. Crystals have the energy of the earth element and when combined with the candle, which has the energy of fire element, the combination works beautifully for healing our body and mind. It is great to meditate with and it serves as a great decor piece too.

4. Christmas Paper Bunting

christmas diy crafts for kids Bunting card

You need: Coloured cardstock paper (red, green, etc), finger paints, scissors, jute thread, fevicol.

Process: Use fingers to paint Santa Claus, Christmas ornaments and reindeers on cardstock papers of small size. Get creative and paint anything Christmassy. Stick these papers on a jute thread and decorate your childโ€™s room with this handmade holiday theme paper bunting.

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5. Socks Snowman

christmas diy crafts for kids Socks snowman

You need: White sock, rice for filling, rubber band, coloured cloth for hat, colourful buttons, glue gun, orange pom pom, black pen, and ribbon.

Process: Fill rice in half the sock and tie with a rubber band. That is the lower half of snow man. Again fill rice in upper half & tie it with rubber band. This makes the head of snowman. Using any coloured cloth, make a cone using glue gun and stick it on the snowmanโ€™s head. Stick buttons on his belly and pom pom as his nose. Draw eyes using a black pen. Tie a ribbon on his neck and your cute snowman is ready.

6. Wool Xmas tree

christmas diy crafts for kids Wool Christmas tree

You need: Newspaper, wool of different colours, fevicol, pompoms, cotton balls, paints.

Process: Create a cone using newspaper. Paint colours on it. Wrap and stick wool on it to cover the newspaper. Decorate your tree with pompoms, cotton balls signifying snow and any other stickers that you may want. On Christmas day, you can also use fairy lights to decorate it.

7. Citrus garland

christmas diy crafts for kids Citrus garland

You need: Mausami or any citrus fruit that can be cut into slices, oven to bake mausami, thread, needle, and bay leaf.

Process: Cut slices of citrus fruit. Bake in the oven till the slices dry up. Use these dry slices and bay leaves to create a garland. This can be used to decorate the house during Christmas. Its subtle citrus smell will fill your room with beautiful aroma.

8. Snow Wreath

christmas diy crafts for kids Snow wreath

You need: Cardboard, paints, cotton, fresh or dry leaves of any plant (I have used Christmas tree leaves), any stickers, pompoms or feathers you want to decorate with, adhesive.

Process: Cut a ring shape from the cardboard to form the base of the wreath. Paint it using colours of your choice. Stick cotton all over the base. Decorate it by sticking leaves, feathers, pompoms, stickers or whatever you feel drawn to. Hang the wreath on your door.

9. Cinnamon and star anise Christmas tree ornament

christmas diy crafts for kids Cinnamon Star ornament

You need: Cinnamon sticks, star anise, and jute thread, adhesive.

Process: Tie 3 cinnamon sticks with a jute thread and make a bow. Stick star anise on the knot. Stick a jute thread to hang it on the Christmas tree. You can use this ornament to decorate your Christmas tree.

(The writer is founder of The K Junction.)

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