10 DIY Christmas jumper ideas from Pinterest




This Friday is Christmas Jumper Day, and people across Liverpool and beyond will be digging out their festive knitwear to not only get into the Christmas spirit, but also raise money for good causes.

Whether you’ve left it till the last minute, you want to wear something unique, or you simply can’t find your perfect jumper in the shops, then worry not – you can always create your own Christmas jumper at home.

Before you start sweating over your sewing skills (or lack thereof), there’s plenty of DIY Christmas jumper inspiration on Pinterest that are simple to recreate – here are 12 of the best.

1. Bells of Holly

This holly-bestowed jumper was created by fashion bloggers Trends with Benefits .

To create this jumper, you’ll need a black jumper, green felt, red pompoms, pins, needle or sewing machine, and red and green thread.

Use the paper to make holly stencils and cut the shapes out of the green fabric. You can sew the hollies and pompom berries onto the jumper using a sewing machine or by hand.

2. Bah Hum-pug

If you’re a fan of both dogs and puns, then this creation from Oh Hi DIY is your dream Christmas jumper.

You upcycle any old jumper for this, and you’ll also need six sheets of felt (dark brown, light brown, white, black, green and red), glue, thread and some wool if you’re adding a pompom.

The blog post includes a printable template so you can cut out all the felt pieces you’ll need for your Christmas pug.

3. DIY for kids

Courtesy of Red Ted Art , you can have plenty of fun with the little ones making this jumper.

Grab any old jumper, along with some felt, golden tape, red wool and safety pins and glue.

The best thing about this jumper is that it doesn’t matter if it’s not too neat – it just adds to the homemade charm.

4. DIY Santa

A simple idea for a Christmas motif from the Chelsea Jade Loves blog.

All you’ll need for this one is one of your old jumpers, and a felt Christmas stocking with a festive pattern that catches your eye – this one uses a Santa pattern.

Take the stocking, cut out the pattern, and sew it onto your jumper – and hey presto, your Christmas jumper is ready.

5. Christmas Penguin

This adorable Christmas penguin jumper design featured in a recent addition of Mollie Makes magazine .

6. Christmas sparkle

If you want bring a little bit of sparkle to Christmas Jumper Day, then this number from Alternate Normality is ideal.

This one works better with a red jumper, but any jumper you can get your hands on will do.

You’ll also need some fabric glue, 5m sequin trim, chalk, scissors and other embellishments of your choice.

7. Light up Christmas

Of course, while Christmas Jumper Day is for a great cause, if you have a few children, buying a brand new jumper for each child can prove to be quite expensive.

Which led to one mother having a (literal) lightbulb moment – she decided to make her own.

Take your kids’ old jumpers, a pack of felt which can be bought for pennies, and some LED lights which you can buy cheaply from the likes of Poundland – and voila.

8. Button it up

You don’t even need to stock up on felt and sequins to make your own Christmas jumper – you can use all those spare buttons you’ve probably got lying around the house.

This one was found on eBay, but it’s easy enough to recreate yourself at home.

All you need is some buttons and needle and thread. You don’t even have to have matching buttons, the uneven pattern just adds to its Christmas charm.

9. Geometric Christmas

Christmas jumpers are notorious for their brash nature, but if you’d prefer something a little more subtle, try this idea from The Crafty Gentleman .

All you’ll need is some green and brown felt, and a needle and thread (and one of your old jumpers) and you’re good to go.

The simple nature of the design means you can, just about, get away with wearing this all year round. Or in autumn, at least.

10. Christmas dinner

From the subtle to the complete opposite – but you’ll be the talk of the office in this Christmas dinner jumper that was uploaded by a creative Pinterest user.

Although you may want to consider the weight of carrying around a full plate of “food” and metal cutlery on your torso all day…